Amazon May Release Three Kindle Fire Models

Amazon May Release Three Kindle Fire Models, Including One With 10.1” Display

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Amazon May Release Three Kindle Fire ModelsDigiTimes once again intercepted a rumor that Amazon will postpone the release of its 8.9” Kindle Fire tablet and will launch a bigger 10.1” model instead. This plan may make more sense as eBook fans are also flocking to the 9.7” iPad, leaving those in middle with very little. In its competition with the iPad family, Amazon will attempt to simplify its tablet lineup. The 8.9” Kindle Fire was originally intended to take on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which can also work well as an eBook reader, however Amazon’s near complete domination in the eReader market makes Samsung Galaxy Tab series less a threat.

Amazon will ship three models of Kindle Fire; an entry-level, ad-based 7” model that is an upgrade to the current Kindle Fire, a 7” premium model and a 10.1” model that shares some of the features of the 7” premium model. It is expected that tablet orders will start to gain momentum in early Q3 2012.

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