Amazon Kindle Fire 2

Amazon May Release the Kindle Fire 2 in July

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2Rumors suggest that Amazon may be planning to release the Kindle Fire 2 in July while the original model will be reduced to $149. These rumors reportedly came from trusted upstream supply chain.

The same strategy was used by Apple, when they reduced the price of iPad 2 during the launch of the new iPad. Other reports claimed that the next Kindle Fire will feature 1280 x 800 resolutions, with various rumors diverging on possible display size, at 7”, 8.9” and even 10.1”.

The Kindle Fire 2 should also feature physical volume-control button and a camera, two things that the original Kindle Fire lack. $199 is now considered as the lowest, acceptable price point for quality tablets. Numerous Android 4.0 tablet models are now already released by smaller, less-known manufacturers; but they often lack good quality control standards.

Amazon’s new tablet will add fuel to the heated up competition in the 7” segment of the tablet market.

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