Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 Inch

Amazon is Planning to Release Front-Lit Kindle and Kindle Fire 8.9-inch

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Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 InchThe largest online retailer, Amazon Inc, is preparing to launch a new version of Kindle, which will include front-side lighting. The new eReader is expected to reach stores, both offline and online, in July. As a cheaper alternative to Kindle Fire, the Kindle has been quite popular. However, many buyers have had to purchase an external lighting attachment to allow them read in the dark.

There would be an obvious trade-off, the front-lit Kindle version will consume power and run out faster. A LED front light should be simple and cheap to manufacture and it is reasonable to expect a $10 increase in price. Barnes & Nobles was the first to release an E-ink eReader with glowing front side. Some analysts have speculated on the possibility of a color eReader, but it seems there’s little chance of Amazon releasing one this year. Color e-papers were showcased in numerous trade shows and analysts believe they need more improvements to match the quality offered by current tablets’ display.

A new version Kindle Fire with bigger 8.9” display will also be launched later this year, probably before the holiday season. However, company’s officials refuse to comment on the launch plans.

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