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After Five Months, Ice Cream Sandwich is Still Poorly Distributed

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Android Ice Cream SandwichAfter months of release, there is still hardly any Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) in the market and the fact is made more obvious by the release of latest statistics on Android distribution. Google simply measures the incidence of visitation on the Android Market (currently Google Play) in 2-week chunks. In the last two weeks, only about 1.6% is ICS devices. In the mobile industry, this is a rather pathetic improvement as it clawed from zero to only less than two percent in nearly half a year.   In the United States, The Motorola Xoom, Samsung Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus have received the official ICS update. Many other models are waiting for an update, while many others may not get any at all. For example, in Verizon’s network only twelve devices will be updated to ICS, five which are tablets.

A quick glance on the statistics, in fact shows that the Gingerbread’s share actually grows, stealing a little from Éclair and Froyo. It swells slightly from 58.6% to 62%, meaning nearly one out of three Android devices is running Gingerbread. On the other hand, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) is still slightly above 3% in total share. It could also be surprising to know that a quarter of Android devices are still running Froyo. For the most part, the Ice Cream Sandwich still can’t make its presence felt, although its arrival on many devices is imminent.

The platform code is given out to phone manufacturers one month after the official release, but because each phone model has different hardware and software configuration, they still need to make some adjustments.

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