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A5 processor is now manufactured in Texas

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Apple A5Many US companies rely on Asian manufacturers that can provide quality items at lower cost, including Apple Inc. However, now it starts to get an essential component from somewhere closer – Texas. The iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 need the A5 processor to work. It is now manufactured by Samsung’s manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas according to an inside source. The plant is mostly used to manufacture memory chips and nearly all production capacity unrelated to memory chips is allocated for the production of Apple’s processor.

Samsung started to supply the processor to Apple earlier this year from the facility, according to the source. Apple refused to comment and said it doesn’t divulge information on suppliers. Samsung expanded the plant earlier this year to manufacture logic chips and the A5 is one of them. The A5 processor is a powerful item and it uses some of the ARM’s technology. The processor was first unveiled in March 2011for the iPad 2 and it is now embedded inside the iPhone 4S. The A5 is a significant improvement to its predecessor; the A4 offers twice the performance.

Apple also relies on Foxconn to provide other items and assemble the devices. Apple’s roaring success has helped the economy of Austin and other semiconductor companies, such as Intel, AMD and Freescale are attracted to Austin due to a steady supply of skilled engineers from nearby engineering schools, including the University of Texas. Samsung hired 1,100 new employees to support the logic memory production and the plant has the capacity to produce 40,000 wafers each month.

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