A Video Distributed Online Shows Blackberry Playbook Running Windows Phone 7.5

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Many of us are always interested with unusual combinations of portable devices and operating systems. A developer from the Netherlands ported the Windows Phone 7.5 onto the BlackBerry Playbook. The result is quite impressive, as the tablet looks snappy enough. Officially, Microsoft has no interest in bringing the Windows Phone 7.5 into a tablet. Obviously, with the Windows 8 looming on the horizon, there’s no reason to put an extra effort to make a Mango tablet.

Those curious to know what Mango-powered Playbook might look like; should find the video interesting. The developer behind this curious hybrid said that he will release a Windows Phone build for the BlackBerry Playbook. However, some people pointed out that the developer may simply used a web-based Windows Phone emulator with reading mode enabled. BlackBerry Playbook currently uses the BlackBerry Playbook OS and an update to version 2.0.2 has been released recently to improve compatibility with Android apps. RIM also announced a couple of months ago that it has sold more than 1 million units of BlackBerry Playbook.

WP7 on Blackberry Playbook

Video by Gamer109X Source YouTube

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