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A User-Modified Version of Google Play App With No Geographical Restriction is Now Available

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Google Play StoreMost users of Android assume they will have a full access to all apps in the Google Play, however it’s not always the case. While it’s perfectly understandable that apps should be filtered by OS compatibility, some apps are also restricted for certain geographical locations. If you’re living outside the United States and have downloaded a few apps in Google Play for some time, you might be familiar with a message notifying that the app can’t be installed in your country. Perhaps, an app could contain information and services that are only relevant to a certain area, but in many cases, there seem to be no apparent reasons for location-based restrictions and the restricted apps would work fine when installed in any location. Advanced users at XDA Developers forum have a good solution at hand. A member, “deeco7”, has been developing a modified-form of Google Play app that removes location-based restriction implemented on the original Google Play.

As with any such app developed by enthusiasts, there are a number of glitches and bugs that need to be solved. Some users are facing issues after installing the app, but the developer appears to be responsive and prompt with fixes and updates. A new build of the app usually offers faster performance and fix problems like frequent forced close errors. After all major issues with the modified Google Play app can be worked out; it will be a huge boon for users in countries that are affected by geographical restrictions. Head to the XDA Developers forum for further information and it goes without saying that users should backup the original .apk file of the Google Play app, in case something goes awry.

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