A Temporary Workaround of Windows Phone 8 SMS Bug is Found

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Windows Phone 8 SMS BugRecently, users reported a text messaging bug in Windows Phone 8 devices. By default, a second recipient is automatically added if text message is created by voice and then edited. But, it was found that the second recipient is actually the original recipient’s surname and no phone number is added.

This would result in error message when the text message is sent. The bug was first found in AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 with the Portico update installed.

Fortunately, a workaround was also found rather quickly. Users should go to Settings>Applications>People and change the “display names by” setting to “first, last”. Another obvious solution is to manually fix the second recipient field before sending out the text message.

A closer examination shows that the bug can be consistently reproduced when the contact list uses by surname sorting. The bug doesn’t show up when the text message is written manually using the onscreen keyboard or when only voice dictation is used with no manual changes performed. This won’t significantly affect user experience, yet Microsoft should introduce a patch in the next update.

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