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A Survey Revealed That Smartphone Users Want Displays Larger Than 4”

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Smartphone Screen SizeA recent survey revealed that about 90 percent of smartphone users in United Kingdom and United States consider screen size between 4″ and 4.5″ to be the most ideal. Respondents were shown smartphones of varying thickness and display size and asked to choose the one that they like most.

The iPhone, the most popular smartphone series in the United States still uses 3.5″ display. Despite past rumors that Apple would use 4″ display in the iPhone 4S, they still stuck with the 3.5″ screen, a fact that is often mocked bycompetitors, such as Samsung in various TV advertisement. Many high-end Android smartphone are in the 4″ and 4.5″ sweet spot.

A number of Android phones have passed the 4.5″ barrier, such as the HTC One X with 4.7″ display and Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3″ display. On the other hand, Google’s flagship the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a 4.65″ display.

Nokia, once the most successful phone maker in the United States, is trying to regain the lost market share, with a phone that seems to meet consumer’s preference, the Lumia 900 which will have a.4.3″ display and will be released soon on the AT&T network.

Despite being half-inch smaller than the preferred screen size, the iPhone still maintains a broad consumer appeal in some countries, including the United States. Even so, it remains clear that user preferences don’t just come down to phone thickness and screen size. There are other factors that can significantly determine buying decision such as, brand loyalty, processor speed, operating system, data connection technology and especially, price.

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