Special Fabric Can Charge Your Smartphone While Walking

A Special Type of Fabric Can Charge Your Smartphone While Walking

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Special Fabric Can Charge Your Smartphone While Walking

What if one day we could charge our mobile devices by only walking? Researchers of Wake Forest University developed a fabric made from very small carbon nanotubes, which is placed among flexible plastic fibers.

Phone makers can simply slap a layer of the fabric onto the back of pocket-sized devices and include a sticky material, so the phone will stick continuously on your pocket. Since your skin surface is warmer than the outside temperature, the fabric can use the temperature difference and siphon off the extra heat to generate some static electricity.

Heat difference is all around us and it is technologically possible to harness it for various purposes. Although the product isn’t ready commercially, researchers are approaching investors to make that happen.

The energy generated won’t be enough to fully charge your phone, but it can still one precious hour to the overall battery life. If during an outdoor activity you can’t find a place to charge your dying phone, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can add one bar to the battery indicator by walking for 30 minutes. This technology can also be used to charge car battery or to power emergency tools such as radio and flashlights. Science has brought us many wonderful things and it can solve stuff. However, we should remember there are thousands of “amazing” discoveries that stay at the lab and never leaves the door.

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