A Smartphone Trojan With Google Play-Like Icon May Trigger Dangerous DDoS Attacks

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Smartphone TrojanRecently, a new type of Trojan has been detected on some Android devices. The infected devices get the ability to receive bad commands from cyber criminals and spammers. They can even work together in launching DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks without users’ permissions. The new malware is called “Android. DDoD.1.Origin”; a name given by a Russia-based security agency.

The malware can assume identity as a perfectly legit Google Play app. When users tap on the icon, they will link to the actual Google Play Store service, which removes any doubt users may have. However, the app also connects to a Command & Control server. Victims’ phone numbers will be sent to the criminals and spammers, which opens a way for them to send instructions for an attack.

During the preparation of a DDoS attack, affected smartphone receive details on target server, including its ports and IP address. It is quite possible to paralyze a big server through coordinated attacks using hundreds, if not thousands of smartphones.

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