A Recently Released Screenshot May Show The Possible Interface Of The Jelly Bean

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Prior to Google’s I/O event, a screenshot is released and this could be our first glimpse to the next Android version, Jelly Bean. The most apparent visual change is the Google Search bar, with a more transparent look, instead of the usual solid and dark grey appearance. The interface also incorporates a new mic icon. It is important to note that this is an official screenshot release for the I/O and not from someone who is using a custom ROM. There is an icon for the Chrome app located at the bottom right, but the stock browser app is nowhere to be seen. Another little trivia is the unusual device’s time; 25:10, which may indicate a launch date at October 25 this year,

The interface could be Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or it might just Google-made customized design of Android 4.0’s; but what better time to start speculating than one day before the I/O event. Source Google I/O 2012

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