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A Recent Teardown Reveals The Complexity of iPhone Charger

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Apple iPhone ChargerA recent hardware examination explains why iPhone charger is comparatively more expensive. It is revealed that the charger is surprisingly more complex. Basically, a charger is used to convert AC input to DC output of varying current. But it seems Apple goes one step further by adding components to minimize EMI interference, possibly to prevent problem with the capacitive touchscreen display.

Other components found inside the charger is complicated over-voltage/over-temperature shutdown circuit and very durable AC prongs. Super-strong prongs are used following reports of snapped prongs on chargers for the iPhone 3G, potentially causing electrical shock for those who might accidentally touch the exposed connection.

Compared to counterfeit chargers, prongs on original units are more difficult to remove as big metal flanges prevent them to come loose after being yanked roughly.

The teardown revealed how Apple managed to cram a significant amount of complexity into such a small device. Despite the higher degree of sophistication compared to other smartphone charger, it is still sold for some profit. The charger is roughly $20 more expensive than standard models, but costs only one dollar more to manufacture.

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