iPad With Two Dock Connectors

A Prototype of the Original iPad with Two Dock Connectors Is Sold on eBay

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iPad With Two Dock ConnectorseBay sometimes amazes us with unexpected or never-released items. Case in point: A prototype of the 1st-gen iPad having two instead of one dock connector. Don’t bother scrambling to bid for it, because the mysterious device was sold really quickly. Unlike other prototypes, which were blocked by Apple’s request, the tablet was sold immediately for $10,200 after seven users bid it fiercely.

It may seem ridiculous that someone would buy an original iPad for that amount of money, but the unusual hardware configuration may mean that it’s the only one of its kind, making it a very rare collectible item. Old patents filed by the company did reveal that they had been tinkering with the idea and the prototype is the only physical evidence that the concept is indeed real. It seems that the extra port was removed at the last minute, before the device was mass produced. The prototype also runs “Switchboard”, an Apple’s test software and also a beta version of the old iOS 3.2. The device has 16GB of onboard storage and unfortunately, the touchscreen doesn’t work, although the unit can be turned on.

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