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A Port of Ice Cream Sandwich is Used for a Sub-$50 Computer

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Raspberry PiAndroid is starting to invade many parts of our daily life, with some wristwatches and digital cameras already using the mobile platform. Its open source nature allows a high degree of customization and adaptation; now the Ice Cream Sandwich is being used on a very affordable Linux-based computer that costs only $35.

The Raspberry Pi foundation was established in 2009 to develop a very affordable computer for young students. It will be using typical mobile components, in this case an ARM11 processor clocked at 700MHz and 256MB of RAM. The specs are low-end, even for today’s mobile industry standards, but the computer should be able to run numerous free light-weight productivity and educational apps available currently in Google Play store. Numerous free Android apps such as PicsArt for Kids, Kingsoft Office, TOEFL Trainers, World Citizen: Geography quiz and many others should be adequate for school environments.

Unlike the more ubiquitous ARM7 architecture, an ARM11 CPU has much more limited software support. Nevertheless, Raspberry Pi is already preparing special versions of Debian and Fedora for the hardware platform. Raspberry Pi is a compelling option for any school in developing countries that could only spare a few hundred dollars for computing devices. Raspberry Pi foundation said that its Android port includes hardware-accelerated graphics, which allow for some decent video playback.

Android ICS on Raspberry Pi

Video by narensankar Source YouTube

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