Transparent Color Display Phone Released in Russia

A Phone with Transparent Color Display Will Be Released in Russia

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Transparent Color Display Phone Released in RussiaMany smartphones released in the market today are just minor variation to the next model, but not when they come with innovative features, such as the transparent color display. Granted, the technology may not be groundbreaking, since the same display was first spotted on Lenovo S800 and Sony Xperia Pureness. However, Explay Crystal seems to have more vibrant color and higher brightness. Priced at $220 (7000 rubles), the phone is certainly better priced than the Lenovo S800, which is currently retailing at $500. Apart from its interesting display, the Explay Crystal looks much like other smartphones with rear-facing camera, Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP, and dual-SIM functionality.

The phone will go on sale in Russian market starting July 1 and there’s no word if consumers from other countries will be able to pick one up for themselves. Also, despite its visual appeals, it is not certain whether transparent displays will be more successful their 3D counterparts.

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