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A New Trojan is Threatening Android Devices

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Android DevicesA new virus is targeting Android devices, which can potentially steal financial information and bank card numbers as well as generating unauthorized financial translations. SmsZombie. A exploits vulnerabilities in SMS payment system that’s used by some carriers to make such payment.

Malicious individuals may hide the virus in apps and lure users with provocative pictures and titles. The app asks users to install additional files to complete the process. If users agree, a file called “Android system service” will be downloaded afterwards.

Security experts have identified features that make the virus very difficult to eradicate. The app itself doesn’t contain any virus and it would easily pass any anti virus software before being installed. The timing and amount of financial transactions can be randomized so victims are unaware that their device has been compromised. Once the virus is fully infected, it will implement various methods to prevent deletion.

For example, tapping the “cancel” button won’t stop the process and a dialog box appears continuously until users click the “Activate” button. The virus may also intercept text messages to harvest critical information.

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