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A New Samsung Galaxy Player is Being Prepared

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Samsung Galaxy PlayerThe Samsung Galaxy Note may not be the only large pocketable smart device Samsung plans to release in the near future. The Samsung Galaxy Player sets to layout a generous amount of Android 4.0 goodness on the huge 5.8″ display. The original Galaxy Player emerged nearly two years ago as a response to the iOS-powered Apple iPod Touch. Pretty much like other Android device, the device is a part of the galaxy lineup.

The next Galaxy Player will feature qHD resolution, but given the sprawling 5.8″ display, the device will only offer a modest pixel density of 190 ppi. With only 1 GHz dual-core processor, the next Samsung galaxy player won’t come across as the media player many might be hoping for. Nevertheless, its 1 GB of RAM should be able to deliver acceptable multitasking capability.

That aside we will get a WiFi connection and a 3Mp rear-facing camera, while the relatively powerful 2500 mAh battery should be able to keep the device ticking for a couple of days with moderate usage. It is also interesting to note that the player still keeps faith with the design used by smartphones in the Galaxy lineup.

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