A New Copyright Row Trial Between Android and Oracle Begin

A New Copyright Row Trial Between Android and Oracle Begin

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A New Copyright Row Trial Between Android and Oracle BeginAndroid finally get a chance of defending itself against Oracle’s lawsuit. Nearly two years ago Oracle filed a patent lawsuit alleging that Google infringed on patented technologies of Sun Microsystem by implementing them in Dalvik virtual machine. Sun Microsystem was the developer of the popular Java programming language and it was bought by Oracle. Oracle originally asserted that Google infringed seven of its patents, however only two are argued before the US District Court.

However, over the last 6 months, the focus of this case shifted to copyright issues. Now, Oracle is now trying to convince the jury that the Internet giant stole Java’s APIs (application programming interfaces) when developing Android.  APIs are a set of guidelines and rules that allow one software package interacts with another.   Overall, Oracle’s arguments are novel and if they were to prevail, the consequences could be significant.

Complex technologies will be argued in front of jurors and they may be difficult to understand for legal professionals. It appears Oracle has one secret weapon, an email from Tim Lindholm, a Google employee, to the leader of Android project, Andy Rubin. In the email message, Lindholm explained to Rubin what would likely be the primary arguments of Oracle and he seemed to realize that Google was copying some of Java technologies. Google stated that Lindholm reacted to legal threats launched by Oracle and he only informed his boss that Google might have used something that requires a license. This is the first case that involves Google as a defendant in an infringement case and there’s a possibility that Oracle would win an injunction against the sales of Android devices.

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