Battery Performance Issue in HTC One X

A Misplaced File Was Found to Cause Battery Performance Issue in HTC One X

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Battery Performance Issue in HTC One XApparently, HTC developers of HTC One X managed to put an app in the wrong place, when they made final touches to the device. The mistake caused inefficient power management settings and reduced battery life. A custom ROM developer found the NvCPLSvc.apk located in a wrong folder, the /system/bin. The issue can be rectified easily by pushing the file to the correct folder, the system/app, using ADB. Owners of HTC One X that have tried to move the file reported between 10 and 20 percent improvement in battery life.

In recent days, the media has heard rumors that the Taiwanese company is planning to release an update to the HTC One X, which will improve the battery performance. There’s a possibility that HTC found similar mistake moments after the phone was delivered to distributors. If you are not confident about making internal changes to device, it may be a good idea to wait as the official update is only days away. The instruction on how to fix the battery performance issue in HTC One X can be found easily on the Internet.

Previously, users reported design flaw of the HTC One X. Discolored pixels appeared when users pushed the screen edges and by gripping the handset tightly, sometimes users can accidentally activate something on the display. HTC responded that they would never let a bad unit ship; however, as design flaws are often nearly impossible to fix, the company hasn’t provided further clarification on how to deal with the problem.

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