Microsoft Patent May Bring Windows Phone And Android Closer

A Microsoft’s Patent May Bring Windows Phone and Android Closer

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Microsoft Patent May Bring Windows Phone And Android CloserAccording to a rumor, Microsoft has filed for a patent two years ago that could help bridge the app gap between Windows Phone and Android. It is further revealed the patent involves two capabilities. First, the ability to analyze an Android device and determine apps installed in it. The next step would be to search Windows Phone marketplace for equivalents of these apps and recommend them to users. When direct equivalents are not available, the technology recommends closest alternatives. In essence, the patent describes an enhanced form of app search engine.

Today, Android enjoys a huge lead over Windows Phone and Microsoft finds it tougher to add enough apps for its mobile platform. Like the iPhone, one of Android biggest selling point is a huge collection of third party apps. Because Android is open, there’s a speculation that Microsoft will eventually bring Android apps into its environment. This is not a remote possibility because BlackBerry PlayBook can run Android apps since the BlackBerry OS 2.0.

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