BlackBerry Devices Zeus

A Malware Called Zeus Detected Stealing Banking Information on BlackBerry Devices

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BlackBerry Devices ZeusA mobile malware called Zeus has been spotted targeting BlackBerry devices as reported by Kaspersky Labs. This isn’t the first time Zeus targets BlackBerry users, but due to more rigorous security layers RIM uses, this is just one of those rare occasions. Nevertheless given the declining interest toward BlackBerry devices, the finding only makes things worse for RIM. This is also slightly surprising as hackers habitually aim for a big target, like the Android. We first saw Zeus targeting the Canadian phone maker back in 2010.

Zeus intercepts all text messages to get hold of critical banking information and pass them to malicious people. The malware sneaks into BlackBerry devices through infected apps, which people are duped into installing. In this particular case, Zeus poses as a bogus security app called “Zertifikat” There seems to be no major changes compared to previous version, except for some fixes on notification typos.

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