A Low Temperature Hack Can Capture Virtually Any Information in Android Smartphone’s RAM

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Android SmartphonesA rather interesting hacking method was unveiled very recently and it involves the use standard Android smartphone, in this case a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a freezer. The research team from the Erlangen University in Germany claimed that they have found a way to access stored data in phone’s RAM.

This method can be successful regardless the use of encryption and password. They chilled the Android device to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 15 degrees Celsius. This creates a unique phenomenon called “remanence”. The chilled RAM module retains information slightly longer, while in normal condition, everything is erased immediately when the phone is turned off.

The next step is to fast boot the cooled down smartphone and dump the RAM content for closer inspection. Virtually all data can be unlocked including web browsing history, text messages, WiFi password, emails and images, among other bits of information. This method is so powerful that it is also possible to grab any encryption key.

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