A HTC One Duplicate Surfaces in China

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GooPhone OneHTC M7 or the HTC One will soon be available for consumers, but a phone manufacturer in China managed to preempt it with the GooPhone One. Outwardly, the GooPhone One is an almost complete replica of the HTC One with the dual-front speaker arrangement.

Of course, it is insensible to expect the phone to have similar internal configurations. Instead, the GooPhone One is powered only with the less capable MediaTek MT6589 quad core processor. Many of us would think that white box devices are junk, but the MT6589 promises decent capability for typical uses. The phone uses the Android Jelly Bean OS and Lewa UI skin with dual-SIM card slots.

The screen is also 4.7″ in size, although it is unlikely that the GooPhone One also has the same full HD resolution. The GooPhone One is another good example how quick manufacturers on China can be in duplicating upcoming devices released by major makers.

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