A Germany-Variant of Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S3 Will be Released

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery

Retailers in the UK took pre-orders for extended battery of Samsung Galaxy S3, which was officially released by the Korean company. At 3000mAh, the battery is expected to provide two more talk time hours compared to the earlier 2100mAh battery. The unit is priced at $65 or 39 GBP and it will also available in Germany starting January 5th. At $53 or 39.9 euro, the Germany version of the battery is slightly cheaper.

The extended battery unit also has a capacity of 3000mAh and slightly bigger back cover, to accommodate the bigger dimension. The battery kit is available in white and blue to match the phone color options.

A YouTube video has been launched to demonstrate the battery unit, which doesn’t seem to add much thickness to the original design. With its first appearance in the United Kingdom and then in Germany, the battery will surely spread to other European countries possibly ending up in Asia and the United States.

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