Samsung Galaxy S3 With Windows 8

A Future Version of Samsung Galaxy S3 with Windows 8 May Smash Nokia Lumia 900 to Pieces

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Samsung Galaxy S3 With Windows 8Days before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the rumor mills are grinding really fast and after the phone has been unveiled, they are still hard at work. The latest rumor spilled is that Samsung will release a Windows 8 super-smartphone, which is based heavily on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone is expected to be released in October this year. It will be called as Samsung Focus SII, which may cause some consumers to think that the phone is a variant of Samsung Galaxy SII. The Windows 8 version will also feature a dedicated camera button.

This poses a huge threat to Nokia’s attempt to return to its former glory by releasing premium Windows Phone smartphones. The current Lumia 900 still runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. With its 1.4GHz quad core processor and 4.8” Super-AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy S3 beats the Lumia 900 convincingly in terms of hardware performance. However, Nokia repeatedly argued that Windows Phone OS is a highly efficient OS that makes dual- or quad-core platform an overkill.

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