Nokia Lumia 900 Will Issue $100 Credit

A Fix is Being Prepared for Lumia 900 and Nokia Will Issue $100 Credit to Affected Users

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Nokia Lumia 900 Will Issue $100 CreditNokia and Microsoft have a lot at stake with the Lumia 900 and unfortunately, the honeymoon period for the new sleek gadget has been cut short, following a number of complaints reported by unsatisfied early adopters. Shortly after these handsets started to be used by new buyers, the dreaded data connection errors begin to surface on Nokia’s support forum. Nokia is well aware of this issue and the Finnish company is not taking things laying down. An official from the company revealed recently to the media that Nokia is working hard to solve the glitch and as a gesture of goodwill, they’d be issuing $100 credits to affected users.

The credit issuance clearly means that AT&T subscribers can get their phone for free, also if you purchase a Lumia 900 before April 21, you‘ll be eligible for the credit. This makes purchasing a Lumia 900 from AT&T a great deal, if you’re willing to face with potential risks. The loathsome little glitch would be solved effectively by a forthcoming fix and as an alternative; you could swing by to the nearest AT&T store to swap for a fully working unit. The fix is not expected to arrive before April 16th though, so those who in need of high-speed LTE connection should choose to swap their device instead. But if you can wait for awhile, a $100 credit would be sweeter option. If you somehow, during a very short duration of ownership, have forged a deep bond with the Lumia 900, then you may need to try a few possible workarounds that are being implemented by similarly stymied Nokia Lumia 900 users.

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