Fake Version of Instagram App Contain Malware

A Fake Version of Instagram App Was Found to Contain Malware

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Fake Version of Instagram App Contain MalwareAgain, Sophos reported that cybercriminals are taking advantage of popular apps. A fake version of Instagram loaded with harmful payload is being distributed on the Internet and it may steal private information or some cash from uninformed users. The mobile security firm found that the fake app hosts Andr/Boxer-F. Quick tests showed that the app didn’t do a good job of mimicking the real Instagram app, for example, it fails to find carrier’s network and constantly tries to send SMS messages on the background in an attempt to steal users’ money. Other than the malicious code, Sophos also found a strange thing; inside the .apk file, the company extracted identical photographs of a man. This is not necessarily the photos of the creator, but it could simply be used to randomly change the footprint of the .apk file to help fool the detection mechanism of anti-virus apps.

However, Sophos didn’t explain in detail how the fake Instagram app can make money from uninformed users. But the most common scheme is to send out numerous text messages to a premium message indirectly owned by the cybercrooks to illegally charge the phone owners.

Last week, Sophos also discovered a version of Angry Birds Space that was loaded with a trojan. The Andr/KongFu-L was embedded into a JPEG and once activated; it tries to download numerous malware into the phone, effectively making the affected Android device into a part of botnet and puts it under hacker’s control. Android malware will continue to become a bigger problem in the future and users should only get apps, especially popular ones, from Google Play and other legitimate sources.

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