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A Dongle Is Being Delivered for Free to Fix GPS Issue on Asus Transformer Prime

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Asus Transformer PrimeIt appears that the GPS dongle for Asus Transformer Prime is very real indeed. The dongle will be delivered to all users of Transformer Prime and they don’t need to fork out even a single cent. It is designed to match the look of the Transformer Prime with a matching color. Previously, it was reported that the wand-looking product is released to fix the GPS issue that’s affecting the Transformer Prime. Overall, it looks like a keyboard dock latch and a white arrow on the front part of the dongle allows you to quickly determine which side is front, allowing you to easily plug the dongle into the tablet. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, the dongle may create a new problem of its own. It may be subtle at first, but despite the matching color, the dongle looks like a huge, ugly blog attached to an otherwise sleek tablet. The dongle also occupies the same port as the charging cable and the keyboard dock. It is not known whether you can charge the tablet through the dongle, but if not, you need to choose between a working GPS capability, using keyboard and charging. This could create a usability issue as a cheap $250 netbook plus a GPS dongle can do all of them at once.

The Asus Transformer Prime received overall positive reviews, but its GPS problem is caused by the all-aluminum case which attenuate the incoming GPS signal. As always, a design flaw would be nearly impossible to fix when the product has already been delivered to consumers. A GPS dongle is a straightforward solution, which bypasses the built-in GPS circuitry inside the tablet.

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