Galaxy Nexus Into Galaxy S3 Using CM9 Add On

A CM9 Add-On Can Turn Your Galaxy Nexus into a Galaxy S3 Look-Alike

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Galaxy Nexus Into Galaxy S3 Using CM9 Add OnIt always happens to us all of the time; we buy the latest Android superphone and in just a few months, it’s swamped by a flood of the next generation of superphones. Current owners of Samsung Galaxy Nexus are still tied to their 2-year contract, which prevent them from purchasing the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3. Luckily, a flash-able theme pack for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can turn it into a Galaxy Nexus look-alike.

Developed by a member of XDA-developer, the add-on offers features of Samsung’s latest flagship that have been leaked so far TouchWiz UI is its most important component, along with S Voice, wallpapers and icons, among others.

Although the add-on is developed for CM9 (CyanogenMod 9), it may work with other custom ROMS, such as AOKP. It is highly recommended to use Nandroid backup, before you attempt to apply both CM9 and the add-on. The compilation of media and apps in the add-on, should work well with all variants of Galaxy Nexus. Although the modified Nexus isn’t exactly a real Galaxy S3, you can still have fun with it. On a side note, consumers in the United States will get Samsung Galaxy S3 by the end of June. The International version of the phone has been launched yesterday and it is likely that the US variant will have 4G LTE connectivity and dual-core processor.

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