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A bug in iMessage may Threat iPhone Users

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iMessage iPhone

Those who lost an iPhone recently may eventually have other horror stories to follow. The thief can still send iMessage to people in the victim’s contacts, which opens an opportunity for another crime. Despite their best efforts to disable the phone, some unlucky iPhone owners found that thieves can send and receive iMessages, even after the stolen phone has been registered to a new account. After changing Apple ID passwords and remote wiping, thieves can still pose as the original users. The problems seem to be isolated to iMessages, as normal text messages were not sent to the new owner of the phone.

At this moment, Apple still doesn’t issue an official statement to the problem and security experts believe that the stolen device might be holding on the old iMessage identifier. Although it is not fully confirmed yet, the allegation is quite plausible. iMassage correlates itself with the original SIM card and remote wiping the phone won’t prevent it from sending and receiving iMessages. The old phone number might be cached somewhere, either on the Apple’s server or on the phone.

This could be just another kink in Apple’s mobile solution after the battery problem that plagued iPhone 4S. For iPhone users, iMessage works as well as normal text messages and they do enjoy using it. The most likely cure is to ditch your old Apple ID, but it means you won’t be able to access your previous TV and music purchases. However, if you frequently send critical information with iMessage and don’t want to expose your friends and family to frauds, you need to do anything necessary.

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