A Bug Allows Hackers to Bypass the Passcode Lock of iOS 6.1

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Passcode Lock of iOS 6.1 Apple has rolled out the iOS 6.1.1 update recently to resolve issues that were affecting iPhone 4S users. Glitches introduced by the iOS 6.1 have left them with no data and voice connectivity. Vodafone UK advised its subscribers to stay with the original iOS 6.0 build to avoid from being affected with the problem.

However, one more problem was found with the iOS 6.1 and it allows malicious individuals to bypass the passcode lock using specific method. It is unfortunate that it was discovered a bit late and Apple hasn’t included a proper fix for the problem in iOS 6.1.1. Security issues are typically listed high in the priority list and we may actually see the iOS 6.1.2 version very soon. Until a fix is delivered, it is recommended to stay with the iOS 6.0. Perhaps, this won’t be the last time we hear about issues that affect the iOS 6.1

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